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38 Weeks

Good morning girls,

Here we are – one day shy of 38 weeks and you still aren’t here! You are already making a habit of arriving fashionably late. We are anxiously awaiting your arrival, even more-so now because it is so close! If you girls do not come naturally within the next 4 days, they are going to induce me on Thursday morning – which means at the very most, I will be meeting you in 4 days! It is starting to get so surreal and we are both so excited to finally hold you in our arms. We have another doctor’s appointment today. We’re praying that all is well with you sweet girls. Yesterday, I was not feeling you move very much (Baby B), so we decided to go in to Harris just to be safe. They hooked me up to a monitor and found both of your little heartbeats. It was reassuring to know everything was fine. They were also monitoring me and to my surprise I was having pretty regular contractions and I didn’t even know it! The nurse said that if I wasn’t feeling them then it wasn’t the real thing and not to worry until I couldn’t talk through them. We will see what the doctor says about it today.

Everyone is very shocked that you are not here yet and very anxious to finally meet you. As much discomfort as I have been noting, I am okay with you taking your time if that is what you need to be happy, healthy babies.

We love you and we will you see in 4 days or less!

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