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27 Weeks and Counting

27 Weeks

27 Weeks27 Weeks

Dear Babies,

Yesterday marked week 27 of carrying you. Your Daddy and I are getting very anxious to meet you! We visit the doctor again next week. It’s been three weeks since we’ve been, and we’re so excited to see how much you’ve grown.

This past weekend was a big one! We celebrated my 25th birthday and had a wonderful shower to celebrate you both! The shower was so beautiful and very pink. You are both so loved already. Every detail of the shower was perfect.




Beautiful, right?

Tomorrow marks my last day as a fifth grade teacher. You two have left me completely exhausted and almost incapable of doing my job. But that’s okay. You’re worth it. Just make sure you sleep through the night when you do decide to grace us with your presence. I’d really appreciate it.

I’m not sure my belly can grow much more. I am very top heavy. If I’m not careful, I lose my balance. Your daddy has been a trooper. Sometimes, I can’t stand long enough to clean off a dish and put it in the dishwasher. Daddy has happily lovingly taken over many of the household chores that I usually tend to. He is the best.

You both are much more active than you were a few weeks ago. Sometimes it feels like you are doing gymnastics in there. I can feel you rolling around and kicking quite often. Most of the time when it happens I am alone and have to attempt to record it so that I can share the joy with others. You finally started kicking for Dad a couple of weeks ago. It’s so sweet to watch him talk to you and then immediately place his hands on the bump to feel for your movement. Some of the times when you get most excited is during church. Daddy gets a kick out of this. He preached his first sermon at FBC Fort Worth on Sunday and I could feel you both responding to his voice.

We love you and we are totally unprepared for the adventure that we are embarking. But, that’s okay. We are excited, nonetheless and we can’t wait to start this new journey of parenthood in just a couple of short months.

Until then, keep kicking, grow healthy, and learn to get along with one another while you’re in there. I expect you to be the best of friends throughout your life.



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