#WittTwins, Dear Babies 2

Eight Months


Eight months ago I was sitting at Harris Methodist Hospital with your Dad welcoming you into the world. I think I was in shock (definitely in awe!) at how drastically our lives changed in an instant. You have made our lives so much richer. You have brought us so much joy and given us a new perspective on life – it is so precious! And it feels like all of this just happened yesterday.

I say this every single month, and I will most likely tell you this every single month for the rest of your lives, so get used to it – you are growing so fast. Life goes by in an instant and you have reminded me how important it is not to waste our days on trivial things.

This month has been an exciting one. For one, I have been introducing you to some new flavors. Some you love, some you are pretty unsure about. But it’s all good for you and I am persistent, so I’m hoping you will give in soon.

Some things you love:

diced bananas, plums, guacamole (with cucumbers and ground cumin), sweet potatoes (with leeks and parsley), butternut squash and zucchini, oatmeal and pears

Some things you don’t love:

brown rice and red lentil soup, my homemade vegetable broth, peas (you are actually starting to like these), LAMB (you hate lamb, but I can’t really blame you)

This week I will be introducing:

ground turkey, berry cherry smoothies

I think you will love those smoothies. I think I will love those smoothies, too. It was really hard for me to get you girls to eat peas. And then came lamb. Once you tasted the lamb, it gave you some perspective. It was like you were saying, “Give me all the peas in the world! Next to lamb, these are amazing!”

Update: You both LOVE berry cherry! You hold your mouths open like little birdies waiting for more. You also liked turkey (mixed with pears) and I can get you to eat lamb now, if I disguise the taste – three parts banana to one part lamb. At least you’re eating it, right? You are also starting to come around to the flavor of brown rice and red lentil soup.

Eden, when you don’t like a food you open your mouth wide, scrunch up your eyebrows and shiver. It’s pretty entertaining. Olivia, you just get wide-eyed with a really concerned look on your face.

Enough about food.

Eden, you must be a few days away from crawling. But then again, I’ve been saying that for about a month. You will move your legs forward on your hands and knees but you haven’t mastered using your hands yet. So you get stuck. But, you are both still rolling all over the place. Both of you have found a new use for the swing. You like to roll underneath it, lay on your back, and use your hands and feet to swing it back and forth.

Update: Eden, you are army crawling! If you can even call it that. It kind of looks like you are doing the worm. You are also sitting up from a lying down position. You can get up and down no problem during playtime. But you’ve started this routine during naptime where you sit up, back yourself into a corner, and get stuck. Then you decide you are ready to sleep so you just lean forward, which eventually causes your legs to go to sleep, which causes you to scream and cry hysterically. So I come to your rescue, lay you down, rub your back and eventually you go back to sleep. Except for those times when I lay you down and you immediately sit up, so I lay you back down, and on and on we go.

Olivia, you are army crawling, too. You also kind of look like you are doing the worm. You only use one arm though, it’s really kind of funny to see you pulling yourself around the living room.

Eden, you are starting to make the “d” sound, which makes Daddy very happy. Olivia, you are starting to make some consonant sounds. Mostly, “ba”. You girls also like to “sing”. Your Dad plays his banjo and both of you sit in front of him, shouting and clapping your hands (Olivia). It’s pretty cute.

I really think both of you are pretty great. I was blessed with some beautiful babies. I am soaking up every second of this sweet stage of life (the one where you think I am awesome and totally admire me). I know deep down you’ll always feel that way. Am I right?

I love you, always. I love you when you’re tiny and sweet and I’ll love you when you’re sassy and hormonal.

Love from your totally awesome, always the greatest,


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  • Ashlyn Simon says: May 15, 2014 at 10:15 pm

    I always enjoy reading your love letters to your sweet daughters!!

    • angelawitt says: June 3, 2014 at 8:39 pm

      Thanks Ashlyn! Hopefully they will enjoy reading them someday, too! 😉


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