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Five Months

Baby girls,

This past week marks 5 months since you entered the world. I can not believe that it has almost been half a year since you were born. You are in such a fun stage of life. You are making new discoveries – rolling over, holding your hands and toes, laughing as Ellie tickles your little feet with her fur. You both give me the biggest grins when I come into your room in the morning to get you up. Your faces light up. Starting the day with those big, gummy grins – I can’t think of anything better! Your little personalities are emerging more and more every day. I love it.

I am so blessed to be there for each of these new discoveries. I am so thankful that I am able to stay home with you. You fill our lives with so much joy. We have been so blessed this past year. A little over a year ago, we had just found out we were going to be parents. We had no idea what was in store for us.

I had no idea that I would love you so much. I had no idea that there was more to parenting than holding a sweet, sleeping baby in my arms. I had no idea that I could function on so little sleep or that coffee and I would become the best of friends, meeting every morning around 6:00am. I had no idea that I would be frustrated to tears at my many failed attempts to nurse both of you at once, or at the fact that you’d wake up an hour later and I just couldn’t figure out why you were crying. I had no idea that I would realize that I have no idea what I’m doing.

Parenting is such a sweet gift and many days I question why in the world God trusted me with both of you. I was a parenting expert.. until the day you were born. I read many parenting books, most of which got thrown out the window as soon as you arrived. With the exception of one – Babywise. But that’s a story for another day. But, no book could have adequately prepared me for becoming a parent.  It blows my mind that I was blessed with not one, but two absolutely beautiful, absolutely joyous babies. Frankly, it blows my mind that God blessed me with children at all. I don’t deserve children. I don’t deserve the home I live in. I don’t deserve a husband who loves me well. I don’t deserve any of the good blessings that have been abundantly poured out on me over the past year(s). But, for some reason, God gave me you – and He keeps on giving. I know that every season of our lives won’t be rainbows and sunshine – but this season has been pretty dang close to that and in that I am thanking God.

I pray for your future everyday. I pray that Jesus would save you, that you would maintain your health, that one day you would meet a godly man who will love you like Jesus, and much, much more. I hope and pray that your Daddy and I would steward the precious gift of parenting well and that we would never take it for granted.

You are beautiful, you are loved, and I am so thankful that you are my daughters!




Little ham.

Utterly amazed!

Utterly amazed!


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