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Seven Months

Saturday marked the girls seven month “birthday.” The past month was full of exciting new milestones. It is so fun to watch the way the girls react to the world around them. They are starting to really enjoy each others company. They are (usually) so content playing on the floor together. They are starting to outgrow the toys that keep them stationary (the swing and bouncy seat). They still enjoy the exersaucer but are much preferring to roll around on the floor these days. It is both exciting and exhausting. Gone are the days that I can run to the other room to quickly grab something. They are both on the move, especially Eden!


At seven months, Eden is sitting up unassisted for a decent amount of time. I am positive it would be much longer if she weren’t immediately trying to take off when I set her down! She rolls back and forth to entertain herself and to get where she wants to go. If she sees something in the opposite side of the room, off she goes – rolling and turning her body to point in the direction she wants to go. It really is quite impressive. Just in the past couple of days she has started to push up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth. She will be taking off soon. She is already getting her little hands into anything and everything. If she sees a cord, a book left out, or a dog bone (yuck!) she sets out on her mission to conquer, aka, shove the object in her mouth. She is always on the go. When I try to hold her she is wiggling around or trying to roll off my lap. She isn’t much for cuddles unless she is tired or being read to.

She also has an eye for anything technological. If she sees us talking on the phone, reading on the iPad, or using a laptop she has to be a part of it. We try to avoid screen time as much as possible, but if there is a screen within 25 feet of her, she is almost impossible to be made to look away.

On another note, Eden can seriously roll her tongue. I mean, we have got to teach this girl Spanish because she is a natural. This is another way she chooses to entertain herself. It’s pretty entertaining to us as well. Sometimes she wakes up early in the morning and will lay in her crib and roll her tongue until she dozes back off to sleep. Silly girl.

Eden loves solid food. So much so, that it is nearly impossible to get her to take a bottle these days. Some of her first foods were avocados and sweet potatoes and those are still her absolute favorite. Ironically, every time I introduce a new food she shivers and makes a face as if she hates it. After she has tried it a few times though, she falls in love and can’t get enough. I am so glad she’s been a good eater.

This girl’s first few (months) of baths were far but calming. She hated them – screamed through the whole thing. But since she has been able to sit up on her own, she is starting to enjoy baths, even smile during them! She is learning the art of splashing. Oh, what fun.


This busy body is also quite vocal and has made many consonant/vowel sounds. She says, “ba” a lot. “Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba.” She also says, “ma.” As in, “Mamamamamama!” As in, “Mama!” Right? First word alert! She may have no idea what she’s saying, but I’m still counting it.


Olivia on the other hand is not making many consonant/vowel sounds, but she still loves to use her voice. Pretty much the only thing that comes out of Olivia’s mouth is, “AHHHHHHH.” It’s loud. And long. So long that she turns red and starts to cough when she’s done. She gets a kick out it, though. She also thinks it’s humorous when she chokes on her milk/food. She gets a big grin on her face. Strange baby.

She can also sit up on her own very well. She will sit and use her hands to play with toys without losing balance. She also rolls around the room, but she isn’t quite as eager to get places. She is more content to be held or sit still (ish) for longer periods of time. She loves to jump in the exersaucer, or when she’s standing in your lap while you sing to her. It’s pretty sweet.


Olivia loves to read. She grins so big when I pull out a book. She pats the pages, even turns some of them. She will sit still while you read and look at you when you make animals sounds.

Olivia is a great eater, also. She, like her sister, also loves avocados and sweet potatoes. But she also likes bananas, carrots, squash and pears. (Every food she has tried at this point.) She likes to stick her hand in her mouth between bites while she is chewing. It’s weird and it makes for a fun cleanup.

This girl has two teeth coming in! They both popped through within one week of each other. Both of the bottoms. One is coming in quicker than the other but they are still just peaking through. Olivia has been a champ through this whole teething process.

Olivia loves to cuddle. If you know me, you know this makes me jump for joy! When she’s tired, she curls up against your chest and lays her head on your shoulder, cooing and sucking her fingers. If you need cheap therapy, come over and hold my baby. She will make all of your worries drown away. This cheery little girl melts my heart.

Parenting has been such an adventure and I know it will only get more exciting as the girls get older. I love seeing these two discover the world, as I rediscover some of the beauty I had been overlooking right alongside them.



This is the girls first library trip. Their first library books were “Llama Llama Wakey Wake” & “B is for Babar”.

olivialibrary edenlibrary

*Daddy had a big influence in the choosing of book material.


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  • Jenni Bowen Nelson says: March 25, 2014 at 9:50 pm

    I love your blog! It sounds like mommy hood really suits you. Your family is precious! Congratulations on your beautiful girls turning 7 months.
    I don’t know if you remember this or not, but I used to babysit you when you were little. I distinctly remember your fascination with books and reading when you were 2 maybe 3 years old. I even remember coming home and telling my parents how you could recite, almost word for word, your books we read at bedtime. I think you were 2. You would sit in my lap and hand me book after book until we either ran out or you fell asleep. I’m so glad to see you introducing Eden and Olivia to books/the love for reading at such an early age!

    • angelawitt says: March 26, 2014 at 6:41 am

      That is so neat! Thank you for sharing that. I remember loving to read in elementary school, but I didn’t remember it that far back. Mommyhood has been so great. It’s amazing! I hope you’re doing well!


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