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Ten Months..Seriously?

Little dolls have been out of the womb for 10 months now! Being a Mama has permanently put my life in fast forward. Thinking back even just a couple months my memory is hazy, so I’m trying to write down as many little details as possible so I can always look back and remember what life was like with my littles.

So here goes. At 10 months:


The girls haven’t been weighed since their 9 month well visit. So I will venture to make a guess here. Eden: 19.5lbs. Olivia: 21 lbs.


Still sleeping like champs! They are still taking two, two hour naps per day. Occasionally they will wake up, but I leave them in their beds and nine times out of ten they will fall back asleep. Bed time is at 8pm and I go in to get them up at 8am. They usually wake up slightly before that, but they just babble and hang out until I come in to get them. I’ve been pretty strict about sticking to a routine and we are definitely reaping the rewards of that now with wonderful sleepers! [Babywise, cough cough]


I have so enjoyed this age as far as eating goes. The girls are eating more solids and I can incorporate a lot of what we are eating into their diet. So we are starting to have more family meals together.

Some of the latest (or favorite) additions to the diet:

scrambled egg yolks/egg yolk omelets

avocado, egg yolk, yogurt spread over toast

cinnamon yogurt

baked chicken

broccoli/cauliflower swirl

mashed potatoes (usually sweet potatoes)

quinoa or pearl barley mixed with fruit/veggies

cottage cheese + bananas

Both girls have a pretty decent pincer grasp. Like, “I will find and pick up that teeny tiny, almost microscopic bug amidst a pile of toys pincer grasp” but they will not feed themselves. I lay food in front of them. They will pick it up. They will play with it. They will squish it between their fingers. But they really don’t want to put it in their mouths. Usually they just hold it while I feed them pieces of food. Oh well. Someday they will get big and won’t need me anymore so I’m not fussing over their neediness. 🙂


I believe we are getting really close to moving up to a 4. A 4?! Am I doing this wrong? The 3’s just seem to be getting pretty snug (mostly on Olivia).


Depending on the outfit, the girls can wear anywhere from a 9 month all the way up to 18 month. I try to keep them in the same size but I recently had to buy Olivia an 18 month size in jeans (Eden a 12). A 10 month old in 18 month clothes? Big girls!


Both of the girls are pretty good tempered most of the time. They have their fussy times, mostly at night, but overall they are great. They are super cheerful and giggly about 90% of the time. They love being silly with Mom and Dad. And they love tickles! You can really get Olivia belly laughing if you tickle her sides and under her arms. Eden’s feet are ticklish. Baby laughter is the best. One of the perks of having twins is that they always have a built in playmate. On most days, I could just set them on the floor and they would follow each other around the house exploring. Of course I’d be right behind them averting disasters every few minutes seconds. Both girls love it when we read to them. In fact, it’s one of the only ways to get Eden to sit still and snuggle for a few minutes.


Eden and Olivia both have four teeth. Olivia has her two middle teeth on the top and bottom. Eden has her bottom middles, along with her left middle tooth and the one directly to the left of that on the top. (What’s that one called?)


Eden loves to move. She is constantly (and I mean constantly) on the go. She would dive right out of my arms/off the couch/out of an airplane if I would let her. She (still) loves avocado, cheese, fruit smoothies and pulling up on things. She gets really impressed with herself when she learns something new. When she figured she could sit up on her knees she grinned from ear to ear looking around the room for Mom and Dad’s approval.

Both girls giggle when you pull out a book, when you come in their room after a nap, or when you dance with them. Both of them would prefer you just leave them on the ground to explore over putting them in any toys (swing, bouncer, etc).

Olivia loves to clap her hands, grab my face while she drinks, wrap her tiny little hands around us and hug so tight, and slap the tile.

Doesn’t Love

I’m having a hard time here. Eden and Olivia are both so happy go lucky that it’s hard to think of something they don’t like/upsets them.

Really, all I can think of is that they don’t like cold yogurt. (Who wants their yogurt warm?) I have to let it sit out for a few minutes before giving it to them. They don’t like lamb, but I’ve already covered that. They don’t like wearing bows either. Actually, I think it’s more that they enjoy pulling their bows out and playing with them rather than not liking them in their hair.

Remember This

Eden is really great at mimicking sounds. When we say something that she hasn’t learned, she studies us so intently and then tries to repeat what we said. She’s so studious. Every now and then she stops her craziness and stares you deep in the eyes with those killer baby blues and cracks a big smile. It’s enough to take Mama’s breath away.

Eden and Olivia love to play together and I see a bond forming. They follow each other around and love to stick together. Whoever is in the lead (usually Eden) will stop exploring and turn around to make sure her sister is right behind her. She waits for her to catch up and then takes off again. They babble back and forth and make each other giggle/smile. It’s so sweet.

When I go into the nursery after naptime, Olivia pops her head up and when she sees it’s me she army crawls/scoots as fast as she can to the side of the crib closest to me. She gives me a big grin and when I pick her up she lays her head on my shoulder and snuggles up for awhile.

Eden, on the other hand, doesn’t give herself any time to wake up. As soon as she hears me, she shoots up into a sitting position. I think it startles her. So then she usually fusses. I would probably cry too if I woke up so abruptly every morning.

Olivia has the most hilarious laugh. I can’t even explain it. I have to record it and remember it always.

Looking Forward To

I am both looking forward to and dreading the girls walking. It’s going to be so fun to witness them learning such a major milestone and see the pride on their faces. But it’s also going to take my exhaustion to another whole level.

I am looking forward to seeing them recognize the meaning behind the words “Mama” and “Dada.” I think they may already be learning this, but I’m not positive.

I am looking forward to introducing the girls to my love for Colorado this summer! It’s a yearly tradition that I hope they grow to love just as much as I do. And we’ll be taking the girls to the beach in August! We’ll see if I’m “looking forward to” future vacations after I have spent 15 hours in the car with two babies.

I can’t believe ten months have already passed. It’s nuts how time seems to pass twice as quickly once you have kids. Life is so, so different now than it was a year ago – but I wouldn’t change a thing!

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