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Ten Wishes for my Daughters

I pray for my daughters’ lives daily. I hope many things for their future. Here are a list of ten things I find myself repeatedly thinking on and praying over my daughters’ lives.

I wish for my daughters to…

1. Find satisfaction in reading a good book.

So much of who I am today has been shaped through reading – reading books of my choosing in my own spare time. I love books. I love smelling their pages, admiring their covers, and mostly reading their words. I hope to see this love for reading mature in my daughters with time. I have been reading to them since very soon after we returned home from the hospital. If you want to continue to grow in knowledge after you have finished your education, you absolutely must read books, good books. I have visions dancing in my head of my daughters strolling through bookstores together perusing books and going home with those that will sharpen and enlighten them. Sigh.

2. Form deep meaningful friendships that they maintain throughout their lives.

These types of friends are few and hard to find. It is much better to have a few authentic friendships than dozens of acquaintances you call friends. This is a lesson most people learn sometime after high school, or even college. I hope my daughters learn this lesson while they are young. In order to have authentic friendships, you have to be an authentic friend. Don’t constantly look for people who will do this and that for you. Find someone you enjoy spending time with and be real with them. I have a few of these friendships, and I am so grateful for them. I hope to see these types of friendships emerge in my daughters’ lives.

3. Treat each other well — never competing, but always confiding in and loving one another.

I pray that my daughters would see how unique a blessing it is having a twin. It is my hope to see them become best friends in their childhood and remain so in adulthood. I hope to see them rejoicing in each other’s victories and bearing each other’s burdens. May competition be sparse and love be plentiful.

4. Maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

I hope to see my daughters choose hobbies that involve activity, or even better, outdoor activity. I hope they value staying fit, not to live up to society’s standard of beauty, but to take care of the body God has given them. I hope they eat real food and avoid fake, fast foods. I hope they are disciplined enough to plan and prepare meals that will nourish their bodies instead of harming them. I know that this type of lifestyle is learned through example and I hope that I will maintain this type of lifestyle in order to pass it on to my children.

5. Find their value in Christ.

This one makes my heart ache. I see the brokenness in this generation of young girls. I experienced this brokenness growing up. I pray constantly that my daughters would never seek their worth from a boy, a social status, or a career. I pray that they would find their value in being chosen by their King, the only one who can give value and beauty and identity.

6. Live disciplined lifestyles.

This one kind of goes along with my previous points. In order to maintain friendships, stay healthy, etc., you have to establish discipline. I pray that my daughters would never succumb to the sense of entitlement that is so prevalent in today’s culture. I pray that they would work hard for what they want and enjoy the feeling of satisfaction when it is achieved.

7. Find joy in serving others.

I hope that my daughters realize that living life for you is lonely and unfulfilling. I want them to seek out opportunities to help those in need and be there for their friends when they are having a bad day.

8. Slow down and savor beauty.

It is easy to rush through life, taking so much for granted. Motherhood is time-consuming and hectic, but it also forces you to slow down and take in each moment. Seeing my daughters discover the world has reintroduced me to the beauty that surrounds me. Admiring the fresh and colorful vegetables as I stroll through the farmers market, smelling the rain as I sit on the patio, admiring each eyelash, each line in their skin, the tiny freckle on Eden’s arm. There is so much beauty that can be taken for granted in the busy-ness of life. I hope my daughters realize this and take the time to savor it.

9. Think critically.

I pray that my daughters would not be swayed by the lunacy in this world. I hope that when they hear a new argument, that they would question it, think on it, analyze it. I pray that they would establish a firm foundation, that they would know not only what they believe, but why they believe it.

10. Follow Jesus.

Lastly, most importantly, and previously touched on – I pray that Jesus would save my daughters at a young age. I pray that they would be surrounded by people who genuinely love Jesus, that they would see this love, and want this love. I pray that they would experience this love and take this love to those who do not know it. I pray that in every season of their lives, they would follow Jesus and find joy in doing so.




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