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Thankful Mama

Good morning, girls!

It’s been a typical morning in the Witt house. We all woke up at 7:00AM. I fed you girls, your Daddy took a shower and made breakfast. Egg white omelets and fruit salad – YUM! This is the routine we have settled into recently. We spend an hour or so with you girls in the morning before you go back down for your nap. When I put you down, Daddy and I eat breakfast together before he heads off to work. It’s a simple little routine, but I find it beautiful. I am loving my life as a stay at home Mommy.

After Daddy left for work this morning, I sat down at my computer and stumbled upon a few blogs my friends had posted. They caught my eye so I started reading them. Apparently, today is National Infant Loss Awareness Day. (October 15) I began reading blogs of mommies who had lost their babies due to miscarriage or still birth. I read as different moms shared their stories of the heartbreak they endured after giving birth to a still born baby. It broke my heart to see how common this is and how many people have had to endure it. I think I would always find this heartbreaking, but it touches me at a much deeper level now that I have experienced motherhood.

I did nothing to deserve happy, healthy babies – but I got them. I had an extremely healthy pregnancy. You were both born without complication. Neither of you had to visit the NICU (which is quite common, and almost expected with twins.) We were able to take both of you home five days later – and we only stayed that long for my sake. (Recovering from a C-section isn’t easy!)

This morning, I am so thankful for both of you girls. I love you more than my words can express. My heart melts every time I hold you in my arms and you look into my eyes. Today, I am not taking for granted the fact that you are both so unbelievably healthy. You are growing at an immaculate rate for twins. Seeing these other Mommies struggles makes me appreciate the fact that my only complaints are having to get up in the middle of the night because you are crying for your paci, or you won’t finish your bottle. If this is the only thing I have to complain about, I’d say I have it pretty good. I love you both and I will be squeezing you extra hard (but not too hard) in about 15 minutes when you get up from your nap to eat.

Know that your Mommy is thankful for you both. I am thankful for your sweet smiles, your unsettling cries, your complete dependence on me and much, much more. I love caring for you. I love providing for you. I love you with an intense, deep, heart wrenching love.


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