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Three Months


Today, you are three. months. old.

What?! Where has the time gone? And why are you growing so fast? You have been fitting into your “3 month” clothes for several weeks now. You are twins. You are supposed to be small! Although, I have to admit that your chubby little cheeks are pretty stinking cute.

Look how little you were about 2.5 months ago.


And look at you little chunky monkeys now!


Your Daddy and I fall more in love with you two everyday. We really can’t get enough of you.

Eden, just in the past several days you have become so social. It’s greatness. You are quickly discovering your voice and you love it. Daddy and I like to stand outside the bedroom door and listen to you entertain yourself (instead of napping). You are becoming our little social butterfly. When we talk to you, you love to talk back. and smile. You have the most beautiful smile.  You have the sweetest voice. We are always trying to catch it on a recording. But, the second you see the camera, you stop. No joke. You completely stop talking. I outsmarted you today. You were jabbering away in your bouncy seat and I managed to record you from across the room without you seeing. It wasn’t the best video image-wise, but we captured your voice!

Olivia, you have recently discovered your hands and feet. They mesmerize you. You get that wide-eyed look on your face as you stare at your balled up hands. Then you start lifting your legs in the air and stare at those feet. You are so curious about the world around you. You have the biggest round eyes and you are always on the lookout for something around you to zone in on and study. Our curious little George.

Thanksgiving is in a few days and we can’t wait to celebrate this holiday season with you. Since you were born, you have richly blessed our lives and brought us so much joy. We are thrilled that we get to end this year with twice as much love as it started with.

We love you, little turkeys.

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