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Two Months of Fun

My dear sweet girls,

I can’t believe it has already been two months. It seems like just yesterday that we were loading you up in your car seats to bring you home for the very first time.

The last two months have been a blessing. Yes, a blessing. Every minute of every day with you girls is a blessing. Even the sleepless nights and the endless fussiness. Even when you refuse to eat and then wake up in the middle of the night thinking THAT is a good time for some milk. Blessings.

I adore you. I love watching you grow. I love watching your little personalities emerge. You are twins, yet you are so different.


You are such a good eater. It is rare that I have to try and coax you into eating. In fact, if I stop feeding you for even a split second (to burp sister, readjust, whatever) you freak out. Immediately! You get this look of frustration on your face and then the crying begins. It is so cute to see your frustrated face. If the trends continue, I believe you are going to be one independent little girl. You do make eye contact with me occasionally. You have also smiled at me a few times. Those smiles are ever so sweet. Although, some of them have been in a very sleepy state. Dream smiles, perhaps? Regardless, they may still be few, but they are so precious.

You are still rocking Daddy’s haircut. You really do have great hair. You didn’t lose it, thank goodness. Or at least you haven’t yet. I love your dark locks. You also have some beautiful, gray/blue eyes. They take my breath away.

You are still pretty adamant about momma holding you when you cry. I just put you down and as I type you are crying in the other room. You love your paci, but you can’t keep it in your mouth! Girl, that is one thing I would love for you to learn. To soothe yourself to sleep. But like I said earlier – blessings. Even now.


You, sweet girl are not as interested in eating as your sister. I have to coax, and poke and prod and beg you to drink! If I let you, you would probably just snack around the clock. You also are the queen of spitting up. It’s kind of your trade mark. You eat, you spit up. And OH, do you smile.. You love to smile. It melts my heart. But I think you know this. When you aren’t eating, you flash me that big gummy smile as if you are thinking, “I don’t want to eat. I will just smile at Mom and she will forgot all about it.” Forget, I will not. But I will say that smile of yours melts my heart. I believe you are going to be a little social butterfly. You are already cooing at Mama and you stare into my eyes the entire time you eat. No exaggeration. Your eyes lock on mine and you don’t look away! You have big, beautiful, brown eyes. I can’t get enough of them. You have less hair than sister and you’ve lost some of it. But that receding hairline is ever so precious in my sight.

You, Olivia, have learned to sooth yourself to sleep. You have found your thumb. It’s like a ritual. Every time I put you down, you shake your little fists around until that thumb makes its way into your mouth. You start by putting your palm on your forehead. Then you work it down your face until it reaches your mouth. It’s adorable. Oh, and that’s another thing. When you get hungry, or just unsettled, you shake. You shake those little arms and legs all around! It’s so amusing.

Both of you are growing and healthy. At the appointment this week, Eden, you weighed 10 pounds 8 ounces and Olivia 9 pounds 12 ounces. Eden, you are half an inch longer than your sister. You hit a growth spurt because this hasn’t always been so! The only concern the doctor had was the shape of your heads. You both favor one side when you sleep which causes your head to flatten on one side. Eden, you especially. Your muscles have tightened on one side which makes it hard for you to turn that way. We are going to have to see a physical therapist and see if we can exercise that head back into shape. I have faith in you little one!

I love you both and can’t wait to see where the next two months will bring us!



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