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Whoa, Babies!

Dear Babies,

Sorry for the much belated post. Exciting news: I no longer have to address you by “Baby A” and “Baby B” because you are here! You have entered the world happy, healthy, and as beautiful as ever!

Baby A, your name is Eden Claire. You graced us with your sweet spiky hair on Thursday, August 22 at 2:37PM weighing 5 lbs 13 oz, measuring 19 inches long. Believe me when I say your hair was spiky. It was everyone’s first comment – that and your long eyelashes. “Ohhhh, look at her beautiful eyelashes and crazy spiky hair!” You have a striking resemblance to your father – mainly the hair. Not only do you have the same hair line and color, but it’s almost like you have the same haircut. Your hair naturally falls the way Daddy styles his. Crazy, right? You came out in very calm manner, but you have since made up for it. Your cries are ever so sweet, however they sound similar to a foghorn when you really get going. You are our “first born” and were an only child for precisely one minute. We love you, little foghorn.

Baby B, your name is Olivia Cate. You came into this world exactly one minute after your sister at 2:38PM. Your birth weight was 5 lbs 14 oz, and you also measured 19 inches long. You came into this world screaming. I remember hearing your cries for the first time. I hope that sweet memory never leaves me. You have very beautiful, big eyes.  Both of you were born with blue eyes, but yours have since changed to brown. Your contentedness (is that a word?) makes me smile. When I walk by the crib and sneak a peak, there are many times when you are laying ever so peacefully, exploring the room with your big brown eyes. You are also a noisemaker. You make some of the silliest sounds. They make your Daddy and I laugh. You grunt a lot – after we feed you, as you try and soothe yourself to sleep, whenever we pick you up. Your grunts turn into sweet coo’s as we feed you. We call you “our singer.” Your voice is beautiful, baby.

Taking care of two babies is time consuming. I wish I had written down many of the memories we have made over the last month. You two are so precious and I love getting to know each of you. You’ve only been here one month, but I already can’t imagine my life without you in it.

Someday, you will grow up into teenagers and you will roll your eyes at your Mom for being so smitten with you. Then, maybe someday you will have children of your own and you will realize the intense, heart wrenching, indescribable love that I have for you.

Mommy (and Daddy) love you so.


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