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Your Family In Pictures

Life with kids is crazy. Since the girls were born, I have had the best intentions to document their life. I want to remember everything, after all! The first six months or so, I was great. I took pictures like the paparazzi. But then something happened and other things started to take priority. Sadly, there have been a few gaps in the girls first year that went undocumented. Not to mention, that many of the pictures I did capture were on my iPhone. iPhone cameras have come a long way, but there is something sweet about having striking family photos to look back upon.


Me Ra Koh’s book Your Family in Pictures: The Parent’s Guide to Photographing Holidays, Family Portraits, and Everyday Life (the third in her series) was just the motivation I needed to get back to documenting everyday beauty. I have always been intrigued with capturing beautiful images, but I honestly don’t know much about photography. I know a few basics. And I have self-taught (probably in the most difficult way) myself a few tricks that I think help spiff up my photos. But, Me Ra Koh’s book starts with the basics and lays a very simple foundation for capturing meaningful photos and is geared toward moms. Perfect!

There are several ways to set yourself up for success, Me Ra Koh says. She talks about developing a photographer’s eye. From lighting, to certain spots in your home you might not think of as good “locations”, to choosing what type of story you want your photos to tell, to getting your family in the mood – she covers it all! She teaches you how to discover photo-worthy textures and how to play with color to make your photos pop.

She has broken up the book into 7 different categories (setting yourself up for success, developing a photographer’s eye, everyday life, holidays, family portraits, tweens & teens, and family vacations & travel. I love the way she has organized her book. It really makes it easy to flip open and find some inspiration before heading out to a birthday party or a day at the park.

Me Ra Koh also includes photo recipes that will help you adjust the settings on your camera. She makes experimenting with your camera seem a little less daunting. But she doesn’t just include tips for DSLR’s, she also has tips for point and shoot cameras. So this book really is beneficial for everyone!

Your Family in Pictures has really motivated me to be intentional in capturing meaningful moments in daily life. Me Ra Koh encourages her readers to become less of a photographer, and more of a storyteller. I am excited about using her book as a guide as we continue to hit new and exciting milestones! My hope is that someday, I will be able to look back at our photos and remember the stories they tell from this crazy time in our lives.

*I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

Your Family In Pictures
October 1, 2014
8 Overall Score

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